Lecture Notes and Handouts

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Gatsby Quiz Notes

Daisy's Lullaby

Gatsby Themes & Symbols

Gatsby Socratic Seminar


Themes and Motifs in The Catcher in the Rye

Catcher in the Rye: Part 1 Language and Voice

Catcher in the Rye: Part 2

Following in Holden's footsteps: interactive map


Story Map

Plot Diagram

from The Interesting Life of Olaudah Equino

from Stride Toward Freedom

Persuasive Rhetoric and Patrick Henry from Speech to the Virginia Convention

"What is an American?" by Crevecour

Longfellow "A Psalm of Life" and Introduction to Transcendentalism

"The Devil and Tom Walker" by Washington Irving

Emerson from "Self-Reliance" notes

Thoreau from Walden notes

from "Civil Disobedience" Henry David Thoreau

from Coming of Age in Mississippi

"The Masque of the Red Death" Notes and Questions

"Masque of the Red Death" story map

"The Raven" notes and analysis

American Gothic Notes

"An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Notes

Notes and Analysis: Lowell and Harper ("Stanzas on Freedom" and "Free Labor")

Sandburg and Masters poems: "Chicago" and "Lucinda Matlock"

Robinson and Dunbar Notes and Questions

"The Yellow Wallpaper" Questions

Zora Neal Hurston "How it Feels to be Colored Me" lecture notes

Zora Neale Hurston Character Map

Zora Neale Hurston Bio and Questions

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