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Notes: The Great Gatsby
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Lecture notes for The Great Gatsby chapters 1 -8.
Copy these notes into your notebook AND answer them.
They will be graded for content and completion.

Lecture Notes: The Great Gatsby

Chapter One


Who is the narrator of the book? (First and last name spelled correctly.)


Where does the narrator live? Be specific.


What does the narrator admire most about Gatsby?


Where had the narrator recently returned from when the book begins?

(What part of the country?)


Who lives in a Georgian Colonial Mansion in East Egg?


Who lives in a cardboard bungalow?


Who lives in an imitation Hotel de Ville?


Who was having an extra-marital affair?


Who was Nick's cousin?


Who said "Civilization is going to pieces . . . ?


How did the two women on the couch look?


What was the reason for Daisy's whisper?


What was the "shrill metallic urgency of the 5th guest?"


What did Daisy say she hoped her child would grow up to become?


What hung at the end of the dock?













Lecture Notes: The Great Gatsby

Chapter Two


The symbolism of the ashes symbolizes the wasteland America has become, polluted by industry, railroads in the creation of wealth. 


Who has deep blue eyes?


Who changes clothes often?


Who is a photographer?


Who is considered "beautiful by those who know"?


Who is the photographer's wife?


Who is the garage owner?


Where did Tom and Myrtle meet?


What was Myrtle saying when Tom broke her nose?


What facts (2 things)  did Myrtle discover about Mr. Wilson soon after she married him that made her cry?






















Lecture Notes: The Great Gatsby 

Chapter Three

What did Gatsby send to Lucille (a girl in yellow?)


There was a rumor that Gatsby had done what?


What do the three mumbles symbolize?


Gatsby knew Nick from where (before the 1920s)?


What does Gatsby call Nick?


What kind of music/band played at Gatsby's party?


What happened at the end of the party?


Is Jordan Baker  honest? Find evidence from the text.


What kind of driver is Jordan Baker?


























Lecture Notes: The Great Gatsby    QUIZ WEDNESDAY

Chapter Four

What kind of plane does Gatsby own?


Where does Gatsby claim he was educated?


What does Jordan say that Gatsby wants Nick to do?


What evidence did Gatsby have to support his claims about his past?


Who is Meyer Wolfsheim?


What kind of cufflinks does Meyer Wolfsheim have?


What if anything did Gatsby have to do with the world series in 1919?


What did Daisy do the day before her wedding?


What does this quote have to do with the story?

"I'm the sheik of Araby, Your love belongs to me.  


























Lecture Notes: The Great Gatsby

Chapter Five

How does Gatsby plan to repay Nick for having Daisy to tea?

What did Gatsby send a man over to Nick's house to do?

How did Gatsby behave (at first)  as he approached Daisy?

What did the clock do after it fell off the mantel?    

How does Daisy behave as she handles the shirts?

What is Gatsby thinking as he tours it with Daisy?

Where is the green light?

What kind of weather is occurring as the following events occur: Is it raining or not raining?

            As Gatsby gets to Nick's house?

            As Daisy arrives at Nick's house?

            As Gatsby goes in Nick's front door?

            As Daisy cries and Gatsby gleams?

            As the tour of the house is over?

            When Nick leaves Gatsby and Daisy alone?

Explain the significance of the following quote: Look on p. 93 for this quote.

            "Possibly it had occurred to him that the colossal significance of that light had now vanished forever. Compared to the great distance that had separated him from Daisy it had seemed very near to her, almost touching her. It had seemed as close as a star to a moon. Now it was a green light on a dock. His count of enchanted objects had diminished by one.





Lecture Notes: The Great Gatsby 

Chapter Six


What was Gatsby's real name?

Who was Dan Cody?

What does Gatsby call Tom?

The party given by Gatsby in Chapter 6 seems different to Nick. Why is that?

What does Tom do (with another woman) at the party?

What was Daisy's favorite part of the party?

What does Tom say Gatsby is or does for a living?

What does Gatsby say about the past?


What happened to Gatsby's dream when he kissed Daisy five years earlier and why did this happen? page 110


What did Nick do to allow Gatsby and Daisy to be alone together?






Lecture Notes: The Great Gatsby

Chapter 7 and 8

When the characters are together at the hotel what music can be heard? (Irony)


What does Mr. Wilson believe about the eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg?


What is Daisy's daughter's name?


What does Tom discover about Daisy when he sees her with Gatsby?


Does someone tell Gatsby that he is worth the whole damn bunch of them together? If so, who?


Did someone comfort George Wilson after (Female character’s) death?


How was (male character) killed?


Where exactly was he killed?


Who did it?